aren't you?

1. fucking ACL weekend
2. apples on display at WF
3. not quite immediate sweat upon exiting house
4. opening all the windows
5. first craving for grilled cheese and tomato soup
6. hoodie dress in the mornings
7. snugz under covers with AC off
8. first thoughts of knitting in months
9. swimsuit no longer in purse
10. realization that new shoes (not flip-flops) might be in order

1. (not my) digital camera stolen from car the night before
2. 3.5 hours late leaving
3. wrong way twice
4. cut leg on rusty barrel
5. sleep in yurt on construction-y site
6. no running water
7. period started
8. road to hot springs closed
9. worst sunroof sunburn. ever. of all time.
10. 13 (as opposed to 8) hour drive home bc of big bend and closed roads
11. locked out of house upon return to austin
12. never happier to sleep in boyfriend's bed, two days early

1. my cousin Lindsay
2. Samantha Mason
3. Sara Calisi
4. Lauren Mutti (she was engaged before anyone)
5. Rebecca Mooney, even though i didn't know her way back when and she's actually like 8 years older than me
6. Annie Shaw
7. what seems like floods of people on facebook daily
8. more people to come, surely

oh, and 9. Jared Something, the mangina
10. Doug Brush (i think), who we were going to try to blackmail for $200 to throw a party

1. iced coffee
2. vinho verde
3. some boy and/or making out
4. various other beverages
5. kelly clarkson
6. earrings and/or dresses
7. tacos

(that is, only the essentials)

1. cute boy
2. new house
3. moving
4. old house
5. old kitty in new house
6. stray kitties on sidewalk, bones showing
7. first, second, and third yoga classes to teach
8. sytycd (mary murphy's hideously huge teeth)
9. fourth of july
10. brunch
11. arrested development
12. gchat (always)
13. target (always)
14. dinners to be made
15. cute boy

1. sleeping in
2. brunch
3. making iced coffee
4. watching brick
5. road-tripping somehwere
6. class with Jenn
7. kanye's blog
8. bath
9. buying dresses
10. buying earrings
11. spending $ at whole foods
12. breakfast tacos
13. nap
14. my blogs (oh wait...)
15. reading: trash romance novels, the god of small things, the path of practice, absalom! absalom! which i started almost a year ago and am only 50 pages through
16. making out
17. walking anywhere
18. sytycd
19. cackling with: noelle, michelle, chrissy, a. mac
20. making out